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Our specialty is La “Torta De La Barda” from Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico and this is the true story told by one of the children of its creator.

In the thirties, the marriage formed by Mr. José María Bracamontes Contreras (deceased) and Mrs. Silvestre Martínez Obregón (deceased) were installed in the border fence (Barda) of the railroad and the free zone to sell tacos, and also to sale the now famous "Torta de la Barda" to its customers who were mostly railroad workers and longshoremen. There is a version about the Torta containing sardine, in part is true but this was prepared by my parents during Lent season due to the lack of red meat intake which was taken very seriously at that time. The other ingredients such as: beans, ham, pork, yellow cheese, veal, chorizo, avocado, white cheese, green salsa with pork rind, were added or removed from the torta, according to the client's preference.

In the forties, my brother Francisco Bracamontes Leija (deceased) joined the Tortas business owned by my parents until 1952, which became independent and took with him 2 employees of my father: one named Abraham and another they nicknamed him "lefty”. And this last one over the years also started his own Tortas business. This is when my brothers René and Manuel Bracamontes Martínez started to work in the business of my father José María.

In 1963 Mrs. Gloria Sandoval" Yoya "(deceased) went to work with René, who also became independent and settled on the same railroad fence. “My brother Francisco had his part of the business on several spots all close to the fence (Barda) until he settled in the Gastronomic Market when it was built.

"There was also another person named Hilario whose parents sold fried fish and then tacos and finally he opened his own Tortas de la Barda Business. My father was never selfish; he said in reference to the competition" the sun rises for everyone ".

Juan Luis Bracamontes Galindo "zepillin" is the son of my brother Rene, grandson of my father José María. I mention my brother Moisés Bracamontes Martinez (deceased) at the end, because he enters the Tortas business in the second stage of his life in the eighties, being very famous in Ciudad Madero in his business on Guatemala Street, the famous Tortas “Moy”

And just like them, many people from Tampico have shared this tradition in several regions in Mexico and now my wife and I would like to share it with you.



Our mission is to share the amazing flavours and experiences we had growing up in the great city of Tampico, Mexico.